Our Story

We founded Black Cat Marketplace after experiencing a lack of handcrafted products in other witchcraft shops.  For many years, we had a dream of owning a metaphysical and witchcraft supply store.  We began to visualize a store where we would want to shop.  Instead of mass produced products, we wanted to create quality handcrafted products. 

Scot is a woodworker, builder and entrepreneur.  Freya is a seamstress, candlemaker and creates health and beauty products.  Combining our skills to create high end products, as well as hand selecting unique items for your altar and home, the market began to take shape. Whenever possible, we source locally and prefer natural and eco-friendly ingredients. 

Our name was inspired by two things. Like many witches Freya had a familiar, her black cat, Licorice. We unknowingly founded the business on his birthday.  He passed away a few months prior so it felt like he gave his meow of approval!  The marketplace part is inspired by old world, European cobbled streets lined with small specialty shops and boutiques. 

Our goal is to offer products that we feel good about, handmade, natural ingredients, and quality materials. We hope you find exactly what you need. There is something for everyone whether you are new to the craft or you've been practicing for years! If there is something you would like to see in the marketplace, please reach out and let us know.